Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Goggle/Mask System

  • $99.95

The Virtue VIO Ascend paintball goggles/mask is the newest addition to an industry-leading VIO lineup, combining high-end performance with a mid-range price tag. Designed and built as a single-piece goggle, the Ascend is molded with dual materials for the perfect combination of protection, rigidity, flexibility, and comfort. Although the Ascend is not built on a modular frame and facemask like the other higher-priced VIO goggle systems, the Ascend does utilize the same technology found in key components of the VIO platform, such as its quick change, fog-resistant thermal lens, upgradeable strap, replacement foam, stealth visor, and fan.

Key Features:
• Comes with a Smoke lens as shown.
• Hinge Lock™ quick change lens.
• Increased facemask coverage
• Flexible mask with rigid protection zones.
• Ventilates and breathes easier.
• Transmits voice better.
• Lightweight and comfortable.
• Removable multi-layer eye foam.
• Large lens with increased field of view.
• Distortion-Free Optical Clarity
• Scratch-Resistant lens coatings
• Anti-fog Dual Pane Thermal lens
• 100% UV Protection
• Anti-Reflective Coating
• Anti-fog Hydrophobic Coating
• Advanced Chromatic lenses available
• Upgradeable goggle strap