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Turnigy Lipo Battery Voltage Tester 2-8S & Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm

  • $12.95

This cell checker comfortably accepts even the biggest Lipo batteries. The range that can be tested is from 2S to 8S. When the voltage goes below a set level the buzzer will sound and red LED will come on. Push button to set voltage alarm value or turn alarm off. Belt hook to keep it handy.

A perfect addition to everyone’s toolkit.

• Changeable low voltage alarm
• Alarm buzzer and sound
•Belt hook

Input: 2 – 8S
Battery Type: Lipo / LiFe / Li-ion
Cell Voltage Display Range: 0.5V – 4.5V
Total Voltage Display Range: 3.7 – 36V
Alarm Set Values: OFF or 2.7 – 3.8V