Tippmann Omega-PV CQB 9 inch HPA Airsoft Rifle with - 13ci Compressed Air Tank

  • $429.95

Includes 13ci HPA Tank

Streamline your game with Tippmann Tactical’s Electro-Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle. The Omega combines high performance, versatility, and speed while allowing players top ditch the air hose traditional HPA guns are strapped to.Featuring flip-up front and rear sights, smooth crisp trigger action and variable air setup adaptability. The total package in high-level performance for the serious player!


• Internal Regulator to adjust velocity. No need for secondary regulator.
• Crisp trigger
• Preset ROF (10, 15, 25)
• Runs on standard 9 volt battery (Not included)
• Can run on 13 ci HPA Tank mounted as stock (Included!)
• Can run HPA hose with optional stock

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