SiegeTek Concepts AEG Cyclone Balance Version 2/3 DSG (Dual Sector Gear Set) - 20:15 Ratio

  • $125.00

For all those who know of these gears no description is necessary, you already know that these are the best gears ever produced and that this particular set has the power to bring any foe to it's knees in a hail of plastic. This is the Cyclone System which implements a dual sector gear (DSG) that retracts and releases the piston two times per revolution but only pulls the piston half as far back. This allows the ROF to reliably be increased over 50 rounds per second due to the shortened piston return time and slower sector gear revolution. This system has been used to produce guns that run over 70 RPS. Installation of this type of system should only be taken on by a very experienced airsmith as it requires lots of modifications and careful tuning.

The new Gen II DSG sectors have been redesigned from the ground up. The part count has been reduced to just 2 from the previous 5, they are made from a stronger nickel chromoly steel, and the surface finish has also been updated from black oxide to manganese phosphate for better lubricant retention and wear properties. Siegetek customs continues to push the limits of ultimate performance in airsoft gearbox components with this new generation of the strongest airsoft gears ever made.

These gears were also designed with features like a reshaped cut off cam and different gear to gear center distances that increase efficiency. Yes they are expensive but if you consider the fact that even under extreme conditions they will most likely never break and the peace of mind you get knowing that your gears won't fail you when you need them most, the price is well worth it. The longest test I've heard of these gears was run over 1 million rounds at which point the tester gave up and stopped keeping track. Before installing these it's very important that you read the documentation:

Material: Case Hardened Chromoly Steel  and Case Hardened Nickel Chromoly Steel
Ratio: 20.15
Fits: Version 2 and 3 gearboxes

Dual sector gear
Revised gear center to center distance
Redesigned cutoff lever shape
12 anti-reversal latches