SHS Pinion Gear - O Type - (#H1-1) -

SHS AEG Motor Pinion Gear (Type O)

  • $3.95

This is a replacement/upgrade motor pinion gear from SHS. It will work on O-type and D-type shafts. We often use these combined with upgrade motors for an optimal motor pinion engagement as some factory pinion gears are less than ideal out of the box.

The motor pinion gear is the tiny gear that is mated to the motor and meshes with the bevel gear inside the gearbox. When the motor is given power, it spins the shaft which the pinion gear is mounted to. The pinion gear will turn the bevel gear, which turns the spur gear, which turns the sector gear, and pulls back the piston. This tiny gear does a lot of work for how insignificant it seems. The gears all need to be shimmed properly and the pinion gear must be set up at the right height to have a smoother sounding gearbox. Assuming that the gears inside the gearbox are all shimmed appropriately, if you hear that your gun doesn't sound very smooth when firing this could be attributed to motor height. Typically if a gun sounds high pitched and screechy out of the box, it may be that the motor pinion gear may be set too high or too low by way of motor height adjustment. The noise will come from having too little or two much contact between the pinion and bevel gears and this can cause additional wear, damage, or increased electrical load which are all bad. If you set the motor too high the gears end up binding and your gun will lock up. Repeated attempts to fire may overload your battery and damage it, as it is using an extreme amount of current to try and force the motor to turn a gear that cannot move.