SHS Gear Set For V2/V3 With 10T Bevel - 13:1 Ratio  - (#H2-4) -

SHS AEG V2/3 with 10T Bevel 13:1 Ratio Gear Set (GG09-01)

  • $18.00
  • Save $11.95

This is a 13:1 gear set made by SHS, 13:1 is one of the fastest gear sets you can buy. Stock gear sets are around 18:1. For some reason many manufacturers don't actually label the ratio, but rather use code names. Most manufacturers' "high speed" gear sets are 16:1, so this set is much faster than that.

Note: These have the new reinforced 10-tooth bevels which are very similar to the original SHS gears that have been so well-proven without the decreased speed of the 9-tooth bevels.

A note about airsoft gears: Upgrading gear sets is done for two reasons. The first is that after-market gear sets are much stronger and better made than stock gear sets. The second is to provide a higher rate of fire or higher velocity. The key factor that allows a gear set to do these things is that it allows the motor to operate closer to its peak power. The peak power that a DC motor provides is at 50% no load speed and 50% max torque (it's a linear relationship). For instance, if you run a stock motor and stock 18:1 gears with a strong spring like an M130 the rate of fire will be very low. This is because the motor has to provide a lot of torque which puts it below its max power output speed and torque level. If you were to install a gear set with a higher ratio the motor won't have to provide as much torque and will be closer to its max power, which increases your rate of fire. This applies the same way to an increased rate of fire, weak springs, and stock gears will put a stock motor too far above its peak power. Because of this relationship gear set ratios should only be changed in conjunction with a spring and/or motor change and are often only necessary for large changes in those. Installing a high-speed gear set in an otherwise stock gun might only increase your rate of fire slightly or even decrease it depending on the stock spring and motor combination.


  • All steel construction
  • 6 anti-reversal latches for fast backwind arrest
  • CNC construction
  • Balanced sector gear (holes in the side with teeth to balance it)