SHS 16TPA Short High Torque Motor -

SHS 16TPA Short High Torque Motor

  • $30.95

  • Details:Upgrading your motor can boost rate of fire, improve trigger response, and allow your gearbox to pull stronger springs.

    This newest batch of SHS motors boast some great features. The magnets are strong and shimmed closely to the armature. The armatures themselves are shimmed tightly with minimal axial play. The D-type pinion gears are durable, and SHS has epoxied all of them onto the shafts. Because the shaft is D-type, the pinion slipping downward is not a concern with these motors.

    Disassembling an SHS motor is easy due to the good can design. The endbell can be easily removed and reinstalled, unlike the locking tab design of other motors such as ZCI.

    The endbell retaining ring is made out of metal so it won't strip. Since disassembling this can is so easy, it's also great for building an FT (Frankentorque) motor. 


    Ball Bearings on endbell & tower
    Neodymium N38 Magnets