SHS 15 Metal Tooth Piston With Piston Head - (#X28) -

SHS AEG 15 Metal Tooth Piston w/Piston Head (GG09-02)

  • $11.95

Yes, here it is, the much sought-after SHS 15, well known for being perhaps the best piston for the price when extreme strength is needed. It's made of fiber-reinforced Nylon and has a full rack of steel teeth. If you need maximum strength and durability this is what you want. Since it does have 15 teeth you'll have to remove the tooth before the pickup tooth and maybe half of the one before that to fix the angle of engagement, if you don't want to or can't do this I suggest you get one of the 14 tooth pistons instead. Note: To increase this piston's amazing strength even more you can use some ultra-thin cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue) and wick it in around the piston rack. Note 2: I heard some reports from people that some SHS pistons had warping issues, I've checked tons of these and they all look laser straight so I think these all should be fine.

Material: Fiber-reinforced Nylon
Number of steel teeth: 15
Mass: 15.7 g (.554 oz)
Average wall thickness: 1.75 mm (.069 in)
Guide rail pattern: 3 sections with grease slots in each
Stock Piston head lock hole: Yes