SCS Shockwave Integrated Guide Rod System for Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA or 1911 - 100% - Brass Tip

  • $44.95

Please pick Hi-CAPA or 1911 Back

Been receiving a lot of questions. What does it do? SCS Shockwave Guide Rod top 4. #1. Urethane Core to prevent shock from rod to Hop Up. 2. Nylon bumper to prevent uneven wear or complete destruction of your frame.. It’s replaceable. After extended use, you can flip it . We even give you an extra one. 3. Integrated short stroke. This is the thing everyone is focusing on. We don’t feel it’s the main advantage but hey, hype is hype. 4. Rod. Hand polished to a mirror finish. These are the main things you don't see in images that are popping up. Most of the work and design was done on the tail end. There are other things but people can figure outer advantages once they receive. After working on so many hi-capa, we realized that tail section area was absorbing all the energy. So what happens? Damage. We are trying to mitigate it. Hope that helps. Search “integrated guide Rods”. Bookmark. Sales go live Thursday.

MAP Price: $44.95 w/ SCS Shockwave Short Stroke Kit