SCS Pistol Outer Barrel Adapter - Positive 11mm to Negative 14mm Threads

  • $19.95

SCS Pistol Outer Barrel Adapter - 11mm to Negative 14mm

Fits 10mm tapped barrels such as Cow Cow.  Unique design of Adapter Allows use of Tracer Units, Compensators and other attachments.  Front broached hex design allows you to tighten adapter with force preventing accidental backouts.

- Postive 10mm Male thread to Negative 14mm Male threads

1 - 10mm to14mm Stainless Steel Adapter
1 - 14mm Oring (Prevents backing out from vibration)
1 - 10mm Oring (Prevents backing out from vibration)

1 - 9mm Wrench

CNC Machined in the USA.