RPS Murder Magazine for M4 AEGS TAN - ** Backorder **

RPS Murder Magazine for M4 AEGS TAN - ** Backorder **

  • $21.95

This is a Backorder.  Understand this is a pre-order before you place your order.  Arrive date ETA below however delays can incur because of manufacturer delays, damage, out of stocks, act of god and more.  All orders processed first order, first shipped.  We will only take enough pre-orders to fulfill what is coming in.  If you order other items along with this, please state in the comments before checkout that you want the items shipped together or shipped separately.

*  Arrival Date ETA:  Mid April *



- Strong Composite Shells

- High Quality Internals

- No Winding required

Compatibility: Tokyo Marui, G&P, VFC, Krytac, G&G, Tippmanns, Lancer Tactical, APS, ARES, Elite Force, KWA, ICS, ECHO 1  

Capacity: 140 rounds

Tags: Mid Cap Mag M16 Murder Mag Murder Mags

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