Ricochet Clamping Bezel System for Surefire Scout Flashlight - Dust Black

  • $24.95

Made for Surefire Scout Light

Protect the glass on the Surefire Scout Flashlight.  The same proven BB Proof/Dust Proof lens is found in our proven Streamlight TLR1-HL variation.  Weekend Airsoft warriors or deployed in a foreign land, are made to accommodate harsh conditions in a variety of different mission-critical situations. 

Protection:  Carbon buildup from discharging your firearm got you down?  Quickly swap a replacement lens.  No more cleaning or permanent damage to your Surefire lens.

System contains:

  • 1 Ricochet BB Proof Lens - Clear
  • 1 Ricochet Clamping Bezel - Dust Black


  • CNC Machined and designed in the USA.
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Proven BB Proof Lens design
  • Superior clamping force so it does not rattle or fall off in severe and wet conditions.  Real Steel or Airsoft.
  • Quick Swap to any color lens
  • Miniature 6/32 Socket Head Cap screw for ultimate durability and course 32 pitch threads.
  • 7/16 Hex key required.

Due to the nature of the flexible clamping mechanism, it accommodates the original Surefire Scout Flashlight and most clones.  The system was modeled for Surefire M600U variations.

Note:  These are made slightly undersized for full clamping around the entire circumference of your flashlight head.  The system will slightly stretch around the front (deform and reform) for a perfect fit.

Choose from various colors for communication and to distinguish who is friend or foe. (We recommend different colors for other teams)

Looking for a different color lens?  The system utilizes the same Ricochet Lens found in our famous variation for Streamlight TLR1HL.  Click Here for more available color options.

* Scout light not included.
** Available in Dust Black

Sure Fire Scout Flashlight M600 TLR 1HL TLR1-HL TLR1HL