Ricochet Surefire X300 Lens System with BB Proof Lens

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Ricochet Surefire X300 Lens System with BBs Proof Len

This is a Slip Over system.  Installs directly over the existing Surefire X300 Ultra  outer shell.  Kit includes all the necessary components to securely fit your Ricochet Lens System.

** Use as protection against gun powder residue build up from firing your weapon. **

Kit Includes:
1 - Ricochet Aluminum CNC Cover (Available in a variety of colors)
1 - Ricochet BB Proof Lens
1 - Ricochet BB Proof Lens O-Ring
1 - 3M double sided adhesive



** Fits All Surefire X300 Combat Lights**

FOR RICOCHET DUO LENs(Blood Red, True Green, Vitamin P Yellow, Gang Green)
** Please see assembly orientation.  Thicker Lens on the outside.  Thinner lens toward the bulb.  The reversed assembly will void the warranty.  **

The Original Ricochet Lens  was developed by a group of airsoft players looking for a permanent replacement for a broken Streamlight TLR1-HL lens. After the success of the Original Ricochet Lens™, we realized the need to protect other light systems, like the Surefire X300 and X300U. We needed to find a way of combining our Original Ricochet Lens™ and the DUO Ricochet Lens™ with a cover in order to do so. 

After months of testing, we would like to introduce the new Ricochet Surefire x300 BB Proof Lens Systems. This system is great for Milsim and speedsofters alike. 

“Maximum lumens with the colors players are asking for”.

The Ricochet Surefire x300 BB Proof Lens Systems will be maintaining our 1 year U.S. BB proof warranty.  (Not that anybody has ever had to use it).

Enjoy the game.  Let us worry about your equipment. 


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