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Ricochet DUO Replacement BB Proof Lens for Streamlight TLR-1 HL & TLR-1/S - Purple Haze

  • $19.95

** Fits both TLR-1 HL and Standard Streamlight TLR **
** Please see assembly orientation.  Thicker Lens on the outside.  Thinner lens toward the bulb.  Reversed assembly will void warranty.  **

Looks Purple, but Doesn't Throw out Purple light, Shows clear. Unless through a camera.

Ricochet Duo Replacement BB Proof Lens For Streamlight TLR-1 HL & TLR-1/S -  Blood Red Dual Lens System.

The Original Ricochet Lens  was developed by a group of airsoft players looking for a permanent replacement for a broken Streamlight TLR1-HL lens.  The Original release was Crystal Clear, Gamma Green and Joker Purple with a 1-year unconditional warranty.  The 3 original colors were chosen for minimal lumen loss.  No other colors were released as these other colors experienced a considerable loss of lumens.  Some players have experienced that the Gamma Green and Joker Purple are more vibrant and dis-orientating than clear.

Here comes the Ricochet DUO™ Dual Lens System.:

Not all BB proof lens are built the same.  Once the Ricochet Lens™ proved itself to players to be a viable solution to BB proof a lens, we started receiving emails for other color options. Unfortunately, we did not have a true “BB Proof” solution that didn’t cut the lumens down dramatically.  We were working on mixing colors/designs to achieve something for another industry.

We combined the knowledge we obtained from the Original Ricochet Lens™ and the Blindfire Lens™ to bring you the Ricochet DUO™.

“Maximum lumens with the colors players are asking for”.

The Ricochet DUO™ for the Streamlight TLR1-HL was created to give you correct visual color while achieving maximum light and maintaining our 1 year U.S. BB proof warranty.  (Not that anybody has ever had to use it).

Enjoy the game.  Let us worry about your equipment. 

Now available in Blood Red, True Blue, Gang Green, Sunburst Orange, and Vitamin E Yellow.


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