Retro Arms AEG CNC Standard Bushings (9mm) - 6 Pack

Retro Arms AEG CNC Standard Bushings (9mm) - 6 Pack

  • $14.95

CNC Standard Bushings

CNC Bushings with diameter of 8mm (8,02mm) or 9mm (9,02mm) manufactured with precise CNC turning from high grade steel 90MnCrV8, reinforced by high heat on hardness of 58 – 60 HRC and layered for tension removing. High grade steel with excellent hardness makes these bushing for perfect use, on the strongest springs with a long lifetime. The gear axis needs to be lubed with vaseline to prevent from friction or any jamming on the gears.

These bushings have standard height and the diameter is widened by 0,02mm, for non- overturning in the housings of the gearbox. For installing these bushings, we recommend use our bearing tool. From our own experience, there is no need (in the most of the time) of gluing of these bushings.

Package includes 6 pieces of bushings in the chosen version.