Retro Arms CNC M4 Triggers - Type J - Black -

Retro Arms CNC M4 Triggers - Type J - Black

  • $11.95

CNC Trigger AR15 - J

New redesigned trigger for M4 airsoft replicas. This new trigger is manufactured from aircraft dural EN AW 7075, what have strenght of steel and weight of aluminum, it is best for high performance parts.Trigger is milled on CNC milling machine and has protective anodizing of  5µm various colors (0,005 mm).

This trigger is designed from Tokyo Marui standard, what means that you can use it without any need of customization, or customization of trigger switch in every Aluminum and CNC gearboxes ver. II (only for M4 replicas).

New generation type can be recognized by milled mark on trigger.


Trigger has standard response, it don't faster shooting, it is mostly for decoration use of your gun. We offer various types of colors.