Prometheus AEG Hard Piston (GG06-01)

Prometheus AEG Hard Piston (GG06-01)

  • $34.95

This Piston uses a strong plastic which is even tougher than some Nylon Fiber reinforced pistons. I suspect that these Prometheus Pistons are made of polyacetal copolymer, but I will have to consult a plastics expert for clarification. (I will update this description once I find out)

The pickup tooth is very beefy, and all of the teeth are heavily reinforced. Adjusting AoE on this piston can be a lengthy process.

The rack is full-metal and thoroughly heat-treated. The racks take quite a bit of force to pry out of the Piston, and the Piston body has support that prevents the rack from caving in.

I highly recommend this Piston for high FPS DMRs and high-speed SSGs. I also recommend lightening this piston if you are using it for high speed. For comparison, this piston is a few grams lighter than the Lonex Red.

Interestingly, these Prometheus Hard Pistons were first made in 2004. Many Chinese companies have cloned this Piston, but they haven't even come close to replicating the same quality as the original. This is because Laylax uses superior quality materials in all of their Piston molds; as well as precision machining and QC.

  • Weighs 16.57 grams
  • Extremely tough plastic teeth (suspected polyacetal copolymer)
  • Superior QC and machining
  • Made in Japan