Prometheus AEG 6.05 BC Wide Bore Inner Barrel

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Even though it is excellent in cost performance, it is a high precision barrel with Japanese mother pipe & inner diameter φ 6.05mm dimensional tolerance ± 0.01 mm! 
● BC bright coating reduces material corrosion by long-term use & sustains performance stability! 

The concept of GUN is "to target and distant targets far away". It is easy to say, but it is not so simple in reality. 
Although airsoft guns can be said to be the same as actual guns, various elements such as accuracy of each part and operability at the time of assembly, uniformity of weight and dimension precision of bullet, matching with power source and so on are complicatedly intertwined. Results can be obtained for the first time by maintaining consistent balance in each. 
Barrel is a part that can be said to be the liver of GUN among its various elements, and it is also an important part affecting hit accuracy and flight distance. This item realizes reasonable pricing by adopting brass material with good balance of cost performance & hardness / strength! 
Moreover, it is made in Japan with its own know-how that can not be imitated in other countries and thorough quality control ability, boasting the world's highest level of technical capability for base pipe production as base ! 
It is a high-precision barrel with excellent dimensional accuracy of raw tube inner diameter φ 6.05 mm dimensional tolerance ± 0.01 mm because it is a Japan maid with high industrial technology!