Prometheus 6.03 EG AEG Airsoft Rifle Inner Barrels

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High grade precision barrel from Prometheus at 6.03mm diameter for extra power and precision shooting. 

The barrel (barrel) of the actual gun is a single metal cylinder, but the barrel of the air gun (barrel) is an outer barrel that reproduced the appearance and the actual barrel of BB It consists of two parts of the inner barrel that accelerates bullets. 
The accuracy of the inner barrel is an important part that affects the accuracy and speed of airgun hitting and deeply related performance. 

Tokyo Marui's electric gun has the same inner barrel standard (feeder side) for many models. 
Since the EG barrel series is also compatible with the inner barrel standard, choose the length of your choice from various length (barrel length) products depending on the custom content as you replace the outer barrel I will. 

Details: These barrels are compatible with all AEG's that use standard type AEG inner barrels.

Prometheus EG barrels are generally considered to some of the best tight bore barrels on the market. That is because these barrels have tight tolerances and meticulous quality control. These are all manufactured in Japan, and Laylax has a very good reputation for making quality barrels.

The inside of the bore is consistent and is straighter than typical Chinese barrels. The crowns and windows of these barrels are also well machined.

- Made in Japan
- Stainless Steel
- 6.03