Ricochet TLR "G Spot" Switch for Streamlight Flashlights

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Ricochet TLR "G Spot" Switch for Streamlight Flashlights

Originally designed to stop accidental activation of the constant on function.  The design has become a must have accessory for Airsoft players worldwide.  

Hate the functionality of TLR constant on?  We do too.  Are you left handed? Rifle mounted?  So many applications on why this is a perfect option.  Attach a "G Spot" TLR Switch to disengage the constant on function.

- CNC Machined Aluminum
- Allow left handed use orientation
- Allows for shorter throw for light activation
- Flip to Engage, Flip to Dis-Engage Constant on functionality
- Available in a Variety of colors
- Made in the USA

Take notice of the hump during installation.  Depending on orientation, you can disengage the constant on or have your TLR react normally with the constant on functionality.


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