PolarStar M4/M16 V2 Gen3 Fusion Engine Electro-Pneumatic Gearbox

  • $565.00


  • 100% engineered and assembled in the USA!
  • A revolutionary electro-pneumatic Fusion Engine allows for an HPA setup in a compact space
  • Instant trigger response
  • Complete control of the system via the Fire Control Unit (FCU)
  • Adjustable FPS and Rate of Fire
  • User-adjustable Semi/Full-Auto, Semi-Only, 2rd-9rd Burst, and Open Bolt and Closed Bolt firing modes
  • Consistent performance, regardless of the temperature
  • Fine-tuning of the nozzle dwell allows for accurate BB feeding with any magazine
  • Maximum FPS limit can be raised or lowered with optional color-coded air nozzles (sold separately)
  • Uses standard AEG hop-up and inner barrel design allowing for AEG upgrade parts and the use of standard AEG magazines