PolarStar M4/VFC F2 Nozzle #1 - Red (GG11-10)

  • $23.95

PolarStar F2 Nozzle #1 for VFC M4 and M16

The PolarStar #1 F2 Nozzle is an HPA nozzle made from a high-quality metal material for the PolarStar F2 so that you can retrofit your F2 into an Echo1 PKM, Elite Force H&K 417, and most M4-based platforms such as the G&G M4 and VFC M4. This nozzle is also available in the event you need to replace your damaged nozzle.

Rifle Compatibility:

  • Elite Force H&K 417
  • G&G M4 (Combat Machine Series)
  • G&G M4 (GC Series)
  • VFC M4 (ES Series)

System to be used on: PolarStar F2