Polarstar F1 Conversion Kit - AK

  • $379.95

What is the F1?

Like the Fusion Engine and JACK, the patent pending F1 is a high-performance HPA (High-Pressure Air) system which replaces the traditional piston and gears of an AEG with a programmable pneumatic system.

Flow Control

The unique flow control system uses an integral check valve to regulate the forward speed of the nozzle while maintaining the fastest retract speed possible. This system is also what makes the F1's "2-stage" firing possible. When the nozzle is traveling in the forward direction the check valve is sealed, limiting the speed of the nozzle for greater consistency. When the nozzle reaches the forward position the check valve opens to allow the maximum flow into the barrel. The additional flow is maintained throughout the rearward travel of the nozzle, allowing it to retract without limiting the speed.

Compact and Efficient

The F1 uses a custom solenoid designed by PolarStar and manufactured by MAC Valves. The design allows the solenoid to become an integral part of the system and not simply a switch to control gas flow. This not only makes the F1 more compact but also minimizes the dead volume inside of the system, increasing efficiency and decreasing response time.

Cross-Compatible Electronics

All PolarStar single-solenoid systems (JACK and F1) use the same electronics, making the F1 compatible with any kit already available for JACK. Some of the switchboards that are already available or coming soon include:

  • Version 2
  • Version 3
  • ARES Amoeba
  • Elite Force HK417
  • Elite Force Tavor (S&T)
  • ARES V2/V3
  • TM M14
  • G&G M14
  • Plugboards for machine guns or custom installs