Polarstar Complete O-Ring Set for Fusion Engine

  • $2.95

These are the replacement O-Rings for the Polarstar Fusion Engine.

This set contains all the O-Rings that are needed to replace worn O-Rings on your Fusion Engine/PR-15.

This kit contains the following O-Rings:
1x Nozzle Outer
1x Nozzle Inner
4x Manifold
1x Poppet Base
1x Poppet Retainer
1x Front Cylinder
1x Poppet Sail (Pre-JULY 2015/015-70)
1x Poppet Sail (Post-JULY 2015/15x1.5mm)
1x Poppet Seat
1x Center Cylinder

Disclaimer: If you do not know which poppet sail o-ring to utilize, please take your original o-ring from your poppet sale and compare it to the new o-rings. You should be able to match it up to the one that you need. You will find that the older poppet sail o-ring (015-70) is noticeably thicker than the newer poppet sail o-ring (15x1.5mm).