Operation Blackshield - United States Team

  • $20.00

The Airsoft Gateway’s Team will be on the Russian side.

$15 Deposit 

$50 due Day of Event to SC Village 

Date of Event: July 28th and 29th

Location: SC Village in Southern California

Time: 9:30am till 7:15pm(Saturday) and 10am till 3pm(Sunday)

Uniform: Tan, Desert, Multicam, ACU

US CO: Adam “Major League Airsoft”

Event Storyline:

US Civilian Contractors have been working with the local government to construct a oil & gas pipeline near the Eastern Borders in largely Russian speaking areas of the countryside.

Reports are rapidly coming in or large number of separatist fighters amassing in the countryside and heavily armed soldiers dressed and carrying what appears to be modern Russian military weapons. Both enemy forces appear to be taking up position at strategic points in the countryside including airfields, radar positions and oil pipelines. 

No-one is sure who these “Little Green Men” are but the locals have taken to calling them the “Polite People”. Rumours abound that they may in fact b highly trained Russian special forces - Spetznaz

 Venue rules and information: http://www.scvillage.com/blackshield/


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