Ninja HPA LPR V2 Regulator with 42 Inch Hose Line

  • $139.95

Years ago Ninja made a product that was a low-pressure regulator for the paintball industry. When we were asked by Airsofters for a more efficient, more maintainable, and cost-effective solution Ninja came out with our Ninja LPR.

For 2017 Ninja refined the LPR and created the LPR V2.

With the Ninja LPR V2, you can use any air system with up to a 500psi output to power the LPR. Keep in mind all Ninja regulators are adjustable to the 500psi low-pressure setting.

Ninja LPR V2s use a single dynamic o-ring design to keep you on the field longer. The system can be fully rebuilt in a matter of seconds. The direct-acting regulation means extremely fast recharge rates for consistent shot-to-shot velocity even up to 25 RPS.

Make Ninja your choice for your HPA Airsoft Build!