Nine Ball TM Hi-Capa 6.00mm Inner Power Barrel - 113mm

  • $39.95

The very small internal diameter of 6.00mm suppresses power and transmits aeros!

True accuracy performance is born in combination with high-precision BBs!

The performance that the user seeks for the inner barrel is "hit accuracy" and "power UP". Simply put, this is the only thing, but the true ball accuracy and distortion of the paired BBs are actually the key. 

In general, BBs are molded products from molds, so there are some parting lines (joints) and some gutters (spout marks). When the part comes into contact with the protrusion of the HOP or the inside of the barrel, irregular rotation occurs and variation in accuracy occurs. Small internal diameter barrels are susceptible to this, but in combination with high precision BBs, can achieve accuracy (from our test results) that can aim even at points. 

In addition, aeros are reduced by the small gap with BBs, and it also leads to the improvement of landing speed by receiving gas pressure directly. Conversely, a barrel with a large internal diameter has the advantage of reducing the contact probability and making it less susceptible to BBs accuracy, but on the other hand, it increases the spreading range and aeros, leading to power loss. From this, barrel selection can improve the actual performance more by making a choice according to the style and purpose that one wants. The "Power Barrel" is an item that is also the best match item for shooters seeking true hit accuracy, and for battle game users who are committed to the impact speed that divides life and death by sticking to the quality of BBs!