Nine Ball TM Glock Series Gas Route Seal Bucking Aero - Single

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Tokyo Marui gas blow back GLOCK (glock) series / gas route seal packing aero (1 piece)

-Internal aero shape reduces gas passage resistance! 
-Material & special surface treatment with excellent sliding characteristics 
!-Cold resistant material to reduce gas leakage!

The gas blowback handgun uses gas pressure to fire BB bullets, then retracts the slide and loads the next bullet. 
Simply put, this is just the balance of the gas flow rate, instantaneous pressure, and flow rate, creating a realistic gimmick and reaction following the same firing process as a real gun. 
The most important part to feed the power source gas into the gun is the gasket part which is the contact point of the magazine and the gun. 
The release of the gas, which also momentarily becomes a negative temperature, causes the gasket part to harden rapidly with cold air, which reduces the adhesion and tends to cause a gas leak. 
In addition, if the adhesion tension that does not leak gas and the sliding balance at the time of sliding movement are not compatible, recoil, operability and power at the time of blowback will be affected. 
Furthermore, the size, internal shape, and positional relationship of the gas discharge port are also important, and the gas flow rate rises if it is large, but the discharge flow balance collapses because the flow velocity decreases, and vice versa. It may also cause a decrease in speed, variations in impact, and deterioration in fuel efficiency. 

This item reduces high leakage and gas leakage with "fine crimp tension" and "gas leakage control rib" on the side. 
We also determined the most suitable outlet size and location based on the huge speed-up test data and blowback feeling. 
Furthermore, the smooth streamlined shape, which reduces the passage resistance of the internal gas route, improves the exquisite total balance of flow rate, pressure and flow rate. 

The material is cold resistant and resistant to cold, grade material, providing flexible and precise crimp tension!
In addition to mixing a special slip agent in the material, the reduction and the oil stays easy special surface treatment of friction resistance that is applied, excellent sliding properties and oil out of life has greatly UP! 
Of course, the outlet size Ya hole position relationship is determined! based on massive bullet speed test data and blowback feeling 

a centerpiece of this item, the portion most noted, smooth internal aero shape! reduce the passage resistance of the gas 
combine all this In that, it will be the first item excellent in the total balance!

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Tokyo Marui gas blow back hand gun 
, glock series 
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