Nineball Power Barrel 6.00 97mm GBB for G17/G18C/P226 Series -

Nineball Glock G17/G18C/P226 Series Inner Power Barrel 6.00mm Bore 97mm Length

  • $34.95

● The inner diameter 6.00 mm suppresses power and transmits aeros! 
● The true accuracy performance that is produced by using together with high precision BB bullets !! 

The small diameter barrel size is also a point in combination with high precision BB bullets Achieves target accuracy accuracy (from our test results). 
In addition, the small gap between BB bullets reduces aeros, and directly receiving gas pressure leads to improvement in landing speed. 
This "power barrel" is also sticking to the quality of the BB bullet, and the shooter to determine a new hit accuracy of, also to combat Sabage user to stick to the landing speed difference between life and death is the best match item! 

● because the inner diameter is tight, once Please do not use BB bullets of the used thing or low accuracy. Please be aware that it will lead to bullets and reduced accuracy. 
● In order to maintain performance, please do barrel cleaning frequently.