Nineball LAS Crimson Custom Four-piece set for TM Hi-CAPA 5.1 - Red -

Nineball LAS Crimson Custom Four-piece set for TM Hi-CAPA 5.1 - Red

  • $179.95

● WEB limited 4-piece set! 
● Crimson color slide stop & compensator! 
● ID 6.03mm inner barrel & wide use air seal chamber packing!

Lower frame with compensator that can easily realize 7-inch size customization as it is with 5.1-inch slides.

It is a Crimson custom part 4-piece set. 
The distinctive compensator has an excellent sense of edge by cutting! 

■ Set contents: 
・ Custom lower frame R EDGE 5.1 ​​inch + compensator / crimson 
・ custom slide stop / crimson 
・ hand gun barrel 112.5 mm (internal diameter 6.03 mm) 
・ wide use ・ air seal chamber packing

■ Support model: 
· Tokyo Marui Gas blow back high capacity 5.1 series ※ except Gold Match

■ Caution: 
· The product does not include gun body and other parts. 
-This product is a part for advanced users who need disassembly, adjustment, etc. 
・ There are individual differences in this product and gun body, so they may need to be rubbed in during installation. 
・ Be sure to check the joule value and speed after making a custom. If the regulation value exceeds 0.989 joules due to the revision of the Guns and Arms Act, penalties will apply. Also, the measured values ​​always have variations depending on the season, time zone, HOP adjustment condition, gun characteristics, etc. Please use an air gun with a joule value with a certain margin.