Nine Ball TM Hi-Capa Enhanced Hammer Sear - Red (GG08-03)

  • $24.95

■ Hi-CAPA STRONG SEAR (high capacity long shear) 
It is an important part that forms the basis of the operation to cock and release the hammer of a handgun, that is "the shear". The shear will be scraped off with a hammer while using it, but if the scraping becomes large, various malfunctions will be caused. In order to respond to the problem, we have reevaluated materials and shapes from the beginning and developed a shear that achieves the best operation simply by incorporating it! Compatibility with our "custom hammer Hexa" is also good, and improved operability can be expected. In addition, she dares to "red parts" called "parts of the invisible part" called "shear" and doubles the satisfaction of incorporating it!

■ Materials:-Super ultra-duralumin-Stainless steel

■ Supported models: Tokyo Marui Gas blowback High capacity ※ High capacity excluding extreme