Nineball Bulb Wrench Neo Tool -

Nineball M4A1 MWS Magazine Gas Valve Wrench Tool NEO

  • $16.95

New specification that supports not only hand gun valves but also Marui gas blowback M4A1 MWS magazine valves! A wrench that can disassemble both the main and injection valves.

By adopting a joint type that can be folded, it can be used like a screwdriver when rotating, and like a wrench when torque is required, such as when tightening.

When speedy work or optimum tightening torque is required, please use this product in a straight state.

Also, when removing the normal valve for the first time, it may be tightly tightened, so it is easy to remove because this product can be bent to 90 degrees and torque can be applied.

Be careful not to tighten the valve too much. There is a risk of deformation or damage to the O-ring or valve.

Compatible models

  • Tokyo Marui gas blowback pistols
  • Tokyo Marui gas blowback M4A1MWS
  • WE Tactical G17