Lonex AEG Version 2 8mm Gearbox Shell

  • $49.95

Our take: The Lonex Version 2 Gear box Shell is constructed from die cast zinc alloy, so you know it is very durable. The front of the gearbox, the place that commonly fractures in regular gearboxes, is reinforced to ensure that you'll get a long and reliable service life from this V2 AEG gearbox. Because of the unique design, the tappet plate is specifically designed to fit this gearbox, but any normal tappet plate can be made to fit with some minor modifications. If you are looking to build yourself a fully custom Version 2 gearbox for your M4/M16 or other compatible rifle, this shell is a great place to start.

- Constructed from die cast zinc alloy
- Reinforced front end to reduce chance of fracturing
- Includes tappet plate, selector plate, and hardware
- Tappet plate specifically designed for this gearbox
- 8mm ball bearing bushings

Construction: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
Bearing Size: 8mm (Included)

Package includes: Gearbox shell, tappet plate, bearings, selector plate, hardware