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Tippmann - King Arms PDW 9mm SBR Shorty - Grey

  • $209.95

1. Tactical handguard

  • King Arms Short Barrel Rifle PDW series available in different length of handguard constructed by high quality nylon fiber. This lightweight AEG equipped with durable nylon fiber 4 inch railed handguard.

2. Barrel

  • Metal made outer metal to avoid wobbling. It also protect the well-polished brass 6.05mm inner barrel for a precise shooting.
  • Rifle comes with a new designed suppressor.

3. Receiver

  • Receiver was built by high grade Nylon polymer, providing a lighter in overall weight without compromising of longer resistance and durability.
  • Stylish design of the receiver with chopped-off dust cover, together with good-looking fire-mode-selector, bolt release button, gives an eye catching outlook of the rifle.
  • Vertical design trigger improve the flexibility of shooting and non-slip design increase the friction of smooth surface.
  • Two ways magazine release levers allow faster operation.

4. Gearbox

  • Highly calibrated 7mm bearing metal gearbox with metal spring guide.
  • Equipped with a Mosfet triggering circuit that provides maximum accuracy.
  • With feature of Quick Spring Change System, let shooter alter power spring easily.
  • Hop up unit allows shooter to adjust the range of the shooting and the precision.

5. Ergonomic grip

  • Built in nylon to provide higher strength and durability.
  • Comes with 6 interchangeable front and rear inserts for a more ergonomic and personalized fit.
  • End plate designed to allow a better motor ventilation and lower temperature while skirmishing.

6. Tactical stock

  • 7 position quick pull and auto-locking system provides the fastest adjustment possible.
  • Enlarged stock tube with a compartment for batteries up to 1400mah-12v. The compartment is easily accessible by operating the rear gunstock cap.

7. Sights

  • Foldable rear and front sights.
  • Rear sight comes with a double viewfinder for high precision shooting

8. Magazine

  • MP5 double stack silent magazine with capacity up to 100 rounds. Standard dimension allow users buy spare magazine easily from the existing market.
  • Compatible with any other Marui style mag that makes it easy to replace in case of lost."