G-Force Airsoft Modular Mock Suppressor 165mm/95mm (14mm CCW) - Black

  • $29.95

G-Force Modular Mock Suppressor is an awesome-looking suppressor not only looks and feels great, but it has a hidden trick up its' sleeve. Within seconds, you can unscrew it and re-position the end caps to have a suppressor that is less than half as long as before. This is great if you want more flexibility from your kit, and the ability to use the same suppressor on multiple replicas. The length of the suppressor when shortened makes it ideal for installation on a pistol or other sidearm, but it looks fantastic in every single setup combination we have tried so far! There is an "inner barrel extension" section which also splits in the middle so it can be kept when running the suppressor short.


  • Configurable length
  • Easy to shorten/lengthen
  • Inner barrel extension piece
  • Gorgeous CNC styling
  • Silver CNC cut end caps
  • Easily screws in half
  • Dense construction
  • 175g total weight
  • For 14mm CCW threads

Package Includes:

  • G-Force 165/95mm Dummy Modular Mock Sound Suppressor

** For Airsoft use only.