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Exalt FreeFlex Knee Pads - Black

  • $54.95

The FreeFlex Knee Pad incorporates the pass-through retention band design of the FreeFlex Elbow Pad to prevent the pad from slipping downward on the field. The FreeFlex Knee pad incorporates a molded, contoured impact absorbing padded exterior with an integrated memory foam knee cup and lightweight moisture-absorbing frame. The FreeFlex Knee pad is uniquely designed to conform, bend, stretch and flex with your knee and leg giving you the utmost level of flexibility and comfort--coupled with a new retention strap system is integrated to pass through the molded knee pad to further improve pad adhesion and conform better to your knee and leg.

• Pass-through retention strap keeps pad in place and resists sliding and twisting out of place mid-game.
• Dense, absorptive molded padding protects the knee against impacts during sliding and kneeling
• Integrated memory foam knee cup molds to the wearer's anatomical profile for extreme comfort
• Retention strap is entirely removable and rotatable--velcro strap adjustment won't irritate or inflame the skin.
• Adjustable velcro retention strap can be rotated so the adjustment system is concealed behind the pad--no more accidental loosening or detachment.
• Contoured design allows for maximum flexibility