CowCow Competition Recoil Buffer Module -

CowCow Hi-Capa Competition Recoil Buffer Module (GG08-13)

  • $19.95

The CowCowTech Competition Recoil Buffer set is made from an oleophobic rubber, which prevents the swelling of the ring should it come into contact with the silicon lubricant used on the frame of the pistol. This set is intended to fit over the recoil rod of any M1911/Hi-Capa pistol, and offer shock reduction when the pistol reaches the apex of its blowback which will reduce overall wear on pistol parts, or short stroke the action of the pistol, which results in a faster cycle time. Included in this package are two sets of four degrees of hardness of buffers (45°-Yellow/55°-Red/65°-Blue/75°-Black), as well as a steel spacer, and rings for precise customization within a pistol.