ASG Ultra Air Silicone Spray Oil - 60ml -

ASG Airsoft Ultra Air Silicone Spray Lubricant/Oil - 60ml

  • $9.95

Airsoft guns generally require some maintenance in order to keep them in tip-top shape, and products like the ASG Silicon Lube Spray will make that process much easier.

There are plenty of different types of lube that are used in the airsoft world, from Lithium grease to silicone, like this lube. Certain types of lube are for very specific applications. Most seals and o-rings and gaskets in airsoft guns (mostly gas airsoft guns) are made out of rubber, and rubber is very susceptible to being eaten away at by the wrong lube. Pure silicone is completely safe to use on these rubber components, while you cannot completely trust other types of lube on your airsoft seals.

The ASG spray bottle makes applying this lube a much less messy process, as it functions similarly to a can of hair spray or compressed air with its push button on the top. The included nozzle tube that attaches to the nozzle on top will make your application much more accurate and will keep your airsoft gun from getting unnecessarily greasy and messy. This silicone lube is also able to be used on other components, such as the slide rails and trigger group on a gas blowback pistol. Silicon lube does attract dirt and particulate a bit faster than other types of lube, so be sure to clean and replace your lube occasionally to keep your airsoft gun up and running.

Whether you're an airsoft beginner or a seasoned technical veteran, cleaning and re-lubing your airsoft guns is a must, so why not make the process easier?

  • Includes plastic straw for focused spray
  • 100% Silicone lube
  • Ready for airsoft use
  • Safe for rubber seals and gaskets