Acetech Lighter BT Tracer Unit w/Built in Chronograph - Black (GG06-16)

  • $99.95

The Acetech Lighter BT Tracer Unit and Chronograph system for airsoft guns and pistols.  New for 2019.  The perfect lightweight airsoft pistol tracer unit. It is made to work with red and green color tracer rounds perfectly.  It works on all 14mm CCW and includes an optional 11mm CW adapter for guns that use that. Metal construction (aluminum) with polymer components.  On/off button.

The BT also features a built-in chronograph and RPS measurement system.  Using Bluetooth technology with the app on your smartphone, you can measure the FPS, RPS, and Joules from the handy app on the battlefield.  Bluetooth Chrono app information is available in the included manual and on the Acetech website.

Metal outer construction for reliability and durability on the airsoft battlefield.  The tracer module uses a built-in battery with USB charging.  Cable included.  There's a power savings mode, standby, and auto power-off if you accidentally leave it on for too long.  For use on guns up to 35 RPS.

Size 3.5-4 inches (approx) long x 1.4 inches wide

For use with all glow-in-the-dark tracer airsoft BBs 6mm.