SHS Aluminum AK-47 O-ring nozzle long (20.74mm) PURPLE - (#H1-1) -

SHS Aluminum AK-47 O-ring nozzle long (20.74mm) PURPLE - (#H1-1)

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This is an aluminum nozzle with O-ring for AK series rifles. The O-ring stops air from leaking between the cylinder head and nozzle, all stock nozzle don't have this. This can increase FPS quite a lot depending on how much air is leaking. Since this doesn't put any more stress on the motor this won't affect your rate of fire like a stiffer spring or spring spacer. SHS makes two lengths of AK nozzles for different guns and applications, if you're not sure which to get, one the same length as the stock one is a good place to start.

- Aluminum construction
- O-ring increases FPS with no loss of ROF
- Total length 20.74 mm (.816 in)
- Inner diameter 5.62 mm (0.221 in)
- Outer diameter 7.02 mm (0.276 in) (front section)