SCS Pistol Outer Barrel 14mm Negative Muzzle Thread Protectors

  • $14.95

SCS 14mm Negative Thread Protectors

SCS Pistol Outer Barrel thread protectors were designed to protect the threads when you are not using a flash hider, tracer unit, suppressor or other attachments on your gun.  CNC machined and designed in the USA.  Available in Stainless Steel or Anodized aluminium in a variety of colours.


- Protects external outer barrel threads
- 10mm length
- Precision CNC Machined
- Hex on the outside for easy install and removal
- Provides Finished look when not utilizing other accessories

-  Negative 14mm threaded outer barrels

Use cases:
- Hi Capa and pistol threaded outer barrels
- Airsoft rifle outer barrel

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