RPS T-Rex Equalizer AEG Stubby Stock Kit - Dust Black

  • $125.00
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“Accommodates big brick batteries, mask clearance, and lengthened 2 Clicks out from an adjustable stock would be perfect.”

Based on the ergonomics of H&K MP5 stock variation.  Provides the ability to actually use sights with stubby stock when using paintball goggles.

Kit includes: 

1 - RPS T-Rex Equalizer Stubby Stock Drop Stock Adapter

1 - Airstrike Stubby Stock Kit

1 - Mounting Hardware Kit

Fits most G&G, Lancer (polymer bodies) that utilize the “Ear stock configuration”.  Some modifications are required for Larger Krytac and Lancer Profile bodies.  For those that have used our d


  • The T-Rex Equalizer allows the use of most paintball mask-type systems while allowing you to get behind the sights by dropping down the stubby stock itself.
  • Stubby Stock accommodates Large Brick Batteries.
  • Slightly longer for a more comfortable feel.
  • Designed and CNC machined from Billet aluminum.
  • Solid.  Absolutely no “wobble”.
  • Made in the USA.


*  Some alteration may be needed to bypass the wire through the T-Rex system.  The bypass (hole) will easily accommodate Deans and Tamiya connectors.  (Example:  Depending on the Mosfets or PC Boards size, you will need to remove and re-solder wires as required.)

*  Some alternation may be needed to the connector on the back of the Body.  You may need to cut off some to accommodate components depending on the year of manufacture and manufacturer model.  Unfortunately, manufacturers make slight changes. G&G ARP 9 and 556 require NO MODIFICATION.  Some versions of G&G Raiders might require modification (Cut to length).

*  System sold as a kit only.  They accommodate only “Airstrike” Stubby Stocks.

*  2 Clicks out of a Magpul stock would give the approximate feel when you shoulder and position up to firing position.