RPS Sharpshooter Drop Stock Adapter

  • $49.95
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CNC Machined Sharpshooter Drop Stock Adapter.  Made in the USA.  Available in a variety of colors. 

- 3 Different sizes for a perfect no wobble solid shooting platform. 
- Includes new mounting hardware and tools. 
- Drops 7/8 inch or 25mm for a relaxed comfortable shooting head position. 
- Allows for clearance of masks, helmets and paintball goggles.
- Allows for drop of raised sights lower to centerline of barrel for improved accuracy.

Sizing refers to ears of the stock, the 2 "ears" that protrude from the rear when you remove your buffer tube.

Small:  Most G&G including ARP9, SRS, 556, Predator, SRL,Combat Machine, Warthogs, Firehawk, Death Machine. (Tighest Fit)

Medium:  Most G&G, G&P, Most Polymer Bodies, Most other guns.

Large:  Krytac, Proline (Large metal body stock.  Krytac has its own specific hardware.

If you are unsure,  The safest bet is Medium unless you have a Krytac or Metal Body Proline.

Please note:  Depending on your "stock", you may have to cut some material if your system uses extra long connector.

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