Primary Airsoft HI-CAPA Gen4 HPA Adaptor

  • $85.00

If you are looking for the version that fits a Tokyo Marui Hi Capa and certain clones, this is the one.  Fits: Tokyo Marui, WeTech, Armorer Works, and KJW.

From the Manufacturer:

Our 4th generation Hi-Capa M4 adapter is injection molded from a strong glass-reinforced nylon material.

The magazine release is now CNC machined aluminum for all Gen4 Primary Airsoft adapters. 

This adapter allows you to use HPA (high-pressure air) and M4 AEG magazines on your Hi-Capa airsoft pistol. To use it you will also need an M4 AEG magazine, a “paintball” tank with a low-pressure regulator (0-140psi), a hose with a Foster (PolarStar) quick disconnect, and of course bbs. The normal operating pressure for green gas is roughly 120psi depending on the temperature. We recommend that you run your pistol near this pressure and do not exceed 140psi. Keep in mind that higher pressures can cause excessive wear and damage to the internal components of your airsoft pistol.

We recommend that you use high-quality M4 AEG magazines with strong springs for the most consistent performance.  Do not leave your magazines loaded with bbs for an extended period of time as this will cause the springs to fatigue and lose performance. Worn-out AEG magazine springs should be replaced with super-feed springs. 

Please watch the installation video on YouTube titled: Primary Airsoft adapter installation tutorial HPA and M4 Glock + Hi-Capa   

The adapter now comes with a longer screw which has a 2.5mm hex head. They also come with our new universal feed tube that will fit the following magazines:

  • Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa magazines 5.1 and 4.3
  • WE Tech/Armorer Works Hi-Capa magazines 5.1 ONLY "long baseplate"
  • Novritsch SSP1/KJ Works Hi-Capa Magazines. 
  • Guarder lightweight aluminum magazine bodies.

***(Our adapters do NOT fit WE Tech 4.3 magazines "short baseplate")*** 

The metal quick disconnect fitting in the photos will come installed. The fitting is a US standard Foster Pneumatics 1/8 NPT quick disconnect. The fitting can be changed to any fitting that has 1/8 NPT threads. Be sure not to cross-thread the fitting when installing a different one. The adapter does not come with a gun, magazine, or any other accessories. The included plastic spacer can be used to short-stroke your slide if you want to use it. 

The adapter was designed to even the playing field when playing airsoft with a pistol as a primary against AEGs with hi-cap mags.