Ricochet BB Proof BEZEL Front Cap for Acetech Lighter S Tracer

  • $25.00

Ricochet Bezel Front Cap for Acetech Lighter S Tracer

Replace your broken or stripped thread front plastic cap with a permanent solution. 

1 - CNC machined front BEZEL cap for Acetech Lighter S
1 - O-RING to prevent back out from vibration


- Resists impact from BBs aka "BB Proof"
- Precision CNC Machined
- Milled Slots for maximum weight reduction
- Integrated O-ring to prevent back out and provide positive lock during play
- Slotted Ports for weight reduction and as area to insert tools such as needle-nose pliers to get a grip for tightening and loosening of front cap.
- Lifetime Warranty
- Fits both variations of Lighter S (Negative 11mm and Negative 14mm)

* Hot Tip:  Use needle nose pliers inside Bezel facets to easily install and remove unit for charging.

** Do not over-tighten **

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