Air Power Airsoft Tokyo Marui TM870 HPA Gas Line Kit

  • $49.95

Air Power Airsoft Tokyo Marui TM870 HPA Gas Line Kit

Connection to Breacher port requires no Teflon tape. We however recommend blue loc-tite not for sealing but to provide a more permanent thread lock—10 mm flats for a wrench.

Excluding the head of the connector to proprietary threads of TM shotgun itself, all threads are 1/8 NPT allowing for multiple configurations.  Examples: 90-degree fittings, 45-degree fittings, on/offs, slide checks, quick inline disconnects, etc. You can even replace the foster-style nipple with any other variants. (Some common ones are 1/4 NPT home compressor or 1/8 Parker Hannifan style commonly found on paintball remotes )

- Fitting:  CNC Machined in the USA
- Hose Line:  Made and assembled in the USA
- Fitting: Foster Pneumatics
- Warranty:  Lifetime

Kit includes: 
1 - TM 870 to 1/8 NPT Adapter
2 - 1/8 Macroline Fitting Straight
1 - 1/8 NPT to Foster Fitting
1 - Macroline 8-inch (Thick Wall)
1 - Replacement O-ring contact Seal (-010)

** Kit does not come assembled—O-ring toward the gun after adapter threads.
*** Grip hole may need to be enlarged or fitting trimmed to allow fitting bypass.

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