Ricochet Aluminum Cover and BB Proof Lens and Filter Installation instructions

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Step by Step Installation instructions - Ricochet BB Proof Lens System

1.  Check fit of Aluminum Cover to flashlight head.  Fit should be slightly loose depending on manufacturer and batch of production.

2.  Prep and clean both External of Flashlight and Internal of Ricochet Lens Aluminum Cover with alcohol to be free of oils and debris. (Rubbing alcohol works great!)

3.  Wipe down Ricochet Lens or Ricochet Duo lens with a microfiber cloth along with your flashlight lens to be free from smudges, oil and fingerprints.

4. If you look closely, 2 internal cavities exist toward the front of the cover.  Put Ricochet Aluminum Cover face down and insert Ricochet Lens or Ricochet DUO Lens into the 1st cavity first.  (** For Ricochet Duo, always thicker lens first! **)  Insert O-ring into the secondary cavity behind the lens.

5.  Cut a small piece of 3M double sided industrial tape.  We recommend about a 1/4 x 1 inch but will change depending on fit.  (Tolderances change manufacturer to manufacturer and batch to batch).  Note: tape provided is 1 inch wide.

6.  Dry hands of oil and debris, Remove backing of tape (2 sides) and apply double sided 3M tape toward the front of the flashlight.  We like to roll over the edge ever so slightly for the next step.

7.  Take flashlight and insert into upside down aluminum cover.  (Please make sure the Lens and O-rings have not displaced themselves from the cavity (Step 4))  Push down straight and parallel.  You will feel quite a bit of resistance.  You can turn slightly clockwise and counterclockwise.  Make sure to bottom out onto the O-ring with the face of the flashlight.  Do not twist when it starts to touch the O-ring, It will cause a binding of the O-ring and may even stretch into your light stream path.

8.  Check Fit, Adhesion of cover, and test light.  Remove excess tape and residue.

** When removing, it will require some force. You can however twist in a counter clockwise and apart motion to break the adhesion.  Always rotate 1 way, not back and forth as back and forth might cause additional adhesion and binding.  Careful not to drop the lens or lenses during seperation.

With a little practice, installation becomes extremely simple.  You can add more tape or remove depending on your experience of first installation.  We have provided enough tape to make multiple attempts.

Enjoy your new Ricochet BB Proof Lens and Filter System!

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